Welcome to the Sherri Berry Residential Clean Family

SBRC Policies

We look forward to meeting you!
All cleaning technicians are screened and background checked.
We supply all equipment and cleaning products.
A tip is not required but our cleaners appreciate it when you do.

SBRC Policies

  • Residence must have power and water to receive service from SBRC.
  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If cancelling less than 24 hours in advance, a $50 fee will be assessed.
  • Multiple cancellations or rescheduling of appointments for bi-weekly or monthly clients will result in the clients having to schedule individual appointments.
  • If a Bi-weekly or monthly recurring client wishes to take any amount of time off of the schedule, SBRC is not responsible for keeping the clients future dates of service, That space will become open for a FCFS basis for new clients.
  • Same day service will incur a 75.00 additional charge.
  • We do not clean up biohazards, pet waste or bodily fluids.
  • If "dirt level" exceeds a reasonable amount, an additional $50-$200 will be discussed prior to moving forward with cleaning.
  • If there is any issues with the clean, please notify us within 24-48 hours so we can fix any issue. Send pictures of the area.
  • Payment is due prior or once service is complete.
  • If a client invoice reached 7 days overdue from the time the service is rendered a 5% penalty per day will be assessed until the debt and penalty are paid in full and future service will not be rendered until payment and penalty are paid.
  • First time cleans and move in/outs must be paid upfront before service is rendered.
  • SBRC does not dust or maintain mini-blinds or delicate chandeliers as they are too fragile and break easy.

We ask you to please tidy/pick up prior to our arrival to ensure we can get to areas needing to be cleaned.
  • Excessive trash will incur additional fees.
  • Our cleaners will not be responsible for handling excessive safety hazards or biohazardous situations¬†
  • We will send a reminder text the day before the clean.

Appointment Times:

  • If you have a morning appointment time, then that time is guaranteed within a reasonable small window of time that allows for traffic or accidents in the road
  • The second or afternoon appointment time is not guaranteed, but the cleaning appointment is guaranteed. We must allow for travel time, and any unforeseen circumstances that may hinder the cleaner arriving at the 12pm time usually associated with this slot. The client will be informed as to a round about time that the cleaner will be arriving when they leave their first appointment